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Please forgive me if I act a little strange
So if I haven't posted any comments on anyones blogs here its because I haven't really taken the time to keep track of Livejournal until attempts recent. Its a little awkward because I'm only now seeing emotional events that have occurred in everyone's lives NOW opposed to when they were posted months ago. Also, I've figured out that the reason I post isn't to necessarily 'post event's' but because usually there is something wrong. Even if I was posting a schedule it was to say "Hey! This is when I'm available! Come on and call me so we can go out," which usually meant I was lonely and for whatever reason couldn't actually go "Hey, you want to hang out?" The whole point of this post? I care about you guys and I'm sorry if I haven't said anything to you about things going on in your lives that I'm only now getting around to seeing. There I've said it. I'm not very good at expressing myself emotionally. I internalize a lot more then I actually 'vent'. Then when I do it seems a little late and might be overplayed. Perhaps it has to do with my urm...upbringing...I dunno, and really I try not to think about it. Nevertheless I'm entering into a rant. Expect, for future notice to be receiving odd and random emotionally attached calls or random gifts. Thats how I'm working right now.

On a different note I'm not posting because there is anything wrong with me. Only, its an apology for not (at least in my mind) being there for some of you for the past year or so. I've only recently acquired something that I feel is right and good in my life. Which, by the way, I have to thank one of you for bringing to my attention even if at the time I was so avidly opposed to taking up on. Thank you very much. I know I'm a little strange at times and can't relate to some of the things that you've got going on but I'm giving it a running effort so I just apologize if I goof every now and then. I'm only NOW starting to get to do things that I probably should have been doing years ago. Alright, Emo over. I will talk to you guys later.

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btw, tis me, Katy from hellschool

badgirl. ignoring us!

so how are you?

Re: btw, tis me, Katy from hellschool

I've been busy but I am doing very well. So far I'm enjoying this semester's classes and I have a special someone to spend my time with so I would say its been good. :D

Re: btw, tis me, Katy from hellschool

ahh. I gots me a boyfiend too.
what school you going to?

no worries girl, we all understand. we all have so much crap we have to deal with and we all tend to get caught up in our own lives.

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