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I'm exhausted. It will be nice when we can finally get back to a 'normal' schedule at work but I will sorely miss having the weekend off to die..urg..sleep. This SHOULD be the last week for overnights and we've been going in earlier then usual and working around ten hours each night to get it done quickly. Its nice though because the remodeling manager suddenly realized after looking at the correlation between my school schedule (which he didn't know I had) and work schedule that I'm getting little to no sleep (yes, this long). Amusingly, he said "When are you getting any sleep. Class?," but...he also said something about "poo poo" earlier tonight too so I'm wondering EXACTLY how much sleep he's had in the last few nights.

Curiously, I feel pretty unaffected except for the fact those voices in my head are getting a little bit louder "Hello? What?" lol, just kidding. NO really, I have noticed a change in my personality but that is the be expected. Its enough still to push seeing the school counselor though I'm having misgivings about BEING a psychology major and GOING to see one. Stupid stigma, shut up. So I keep telling myself that if I don't go I could end up like my mom or dad *little voice scream*

Other then that I'd be lying to say that things are 'fine' but they're not much different that when I talked to you guys last time. Thanks for having the patience with my little idiosyncrasies. Love you.

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Working long hours and going to school full time is hard. And Exausting. But hang in there it sounds like you may be able to slow down here shortly. But I know for me, work can give you a distraction that is sometimes needed in life. In my opinion, it will all pay off in the end. That is how I have looked at it since I started to work and carry a full load at school. Just remember that at least every once and a while on one of your off days to get sleep and also have a little but of fun. Otherwise you will have a hard time remembering way you are putting your self through all of this.

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