New year? NEW YEAR!~woot
Uh oh. I'm becoming precariously close to being excited and happy. O_o

Its the new year! Whats everyone's resolution? I have a few but more or less they're the same thing that I've been telling myself to do before.

1. Work hard
2. Become more assertive
3. Try to make the right descisions
4. Be a good person to others

Nothing huge. Since I don't smoke I'll have trouble quitting and since I don't drink I'll have a little trouble stopping. Maybe those should be part of my resolution to get certain other *ahem* people to quit doing.

Other then that it really is the beginning for me. This is first time that I've officially been 'on my own' or at least living alone. Plus it a completly new school. Should be interesting. Other then that my other beginnings are the start of a new livejournal under psyche-ology to try and put some of my reflections, articles, and other misc nonsense down. I thought about putting it under here but I was too OCD not to have an 'official' location for it. Woot! OCD! ^^

Oh! I had a question for everyone. How are you putting your paragraphs under seperate links? I notice that you'll have words that an individual clicks on and it pulls up the rest. Html? I was trying to figure out how to do that for the new journal.

I'm second to say:


Yeah, he retracted the invitation for Pat to come here...

Oh, and weird. Apparently they've been going out to look at Jeep Wranglers which (for some odd reason) has been one of my favorite cars since highschool. I found a message on the phone where the person was telling them that they could get one for under a hundred dollars. What is this suppose to mean? They're finding a car I can afford that I like for under a hundred? Or they're finding a car they can better afford for under a hundred, trying to bribe me, and at the same time pay less then what they are now. Once again, I'm confused. We'll have to see what happens. Any opinions?

(no subject)
It continues to amaze me still how a person can go the whole day insulting someone and then expect them to cheerfully complete tasks for them. Thats basically what mom all day as we prepare for my grandfather to come on Christmas. Its clean the downstairs you nasty useless person and I'm going out so when your brother comes home can you (please) watch him.

Then dad comes home and cheerfully tells me that he is no longer going to concern himself with me anymore because to do so would kill him, that Patrick is allowed to come around if I leash him (and only in emergencies), that I am not to ask his opinion on anything ever again and then walks out laughing while mom yells pervert from upstairs. Now they're upstairs having a pleasant dinner and watching movies.



Scetchy and disorganized but thats the way I like em!
This is gonna be disorganized but up to date! I just figued out that all of my education is being covered by financial aid through private, subsidized, and unsusidized loan. I'm sending off the 'yes I want it letter' today along with my medical stuff. Bad to be gaining so much debt so early but at the same TIME I've been saving...saving...saving....and...well I have money to pay for books and some left over! woot! (not going on a spending spree, still going to treat it like I'm paying out of pocket for the next coming years) the meantime, this is the last day of my finals. I'm taking a philosophy test. Wish me luck!

Love you guys! *dance*

(no subject)
So far everything has been going well. I'm getting my work done for my classes and the only real stresser is a five page on Jurgen Habermas (that I've been having trouble with because I can't find books on him) but that is NOTHING compared to some of the things that I hear you guys are having to do for classes.

Also, I am officially(sp?) full time at Office Depot but its weird because their full time is actually 32 hours so this week is really the first time that I've had a regular forty hour work week (except for when I first started). I've been looking at how much I'm going to be making for the next few months and I really think that I'm going to need another small job (six hours a week maybe like Kumon).

I think I'll be fine without it if they keep me at forty but with this 32 hour work week possibility its a little frustrating not being able to know what to budget off of. So I'll likely budget each month as if I'm only working 32 till I know for sure. Slowly I'm becoming one of those people that everyone calls on and asks responsibilities for. It keeps me going. I enjoy having a bunch of stuff to do at one time which makes me WEIRD! lol

OH crap!
"WTF!!! When did it get to us only having two more weeks to go of school?!"

That has to be my favorite quote for this week. I just turned around and BAM! Its there. The end of the semester. I'm all over the place (as I'm sure everyone else is also). Essays due. Not nearly as much as some people I know but it feels overpowering. And I can't find my medical history! Probably dissapeared with my library book which I have ABSOLUTELY now idea of its location. DO you think people are retarded enough to steal a library book? Talk about what could be an interesting theft.

"In the news today. Theif found in basement wtih the quantity of over one hundred stolen library books" -_- Should be interesting. I should have enough time between now and school to either find it or get a new one.

Needless to say since I told Pat how much I have due EVERY time I speak to him over the phone he goes: "What are you doing? I hear typing! Are you working on homework and talking to me? I know your a procrastinater. Get yourself focused. Get your work done. Don't socialize over your school work! Its going to get harder when you go to Montevallo...!"

Me: "But but suck...ok..."

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From : Carrie Legend
Sent : Thursday, July 10, 2003 5:37 PM
Subject : hellooo


Haven't heard from you in a while. How's your Summer so far? I'm still in England. I'm staying with my friend Becca at the moment. The only downside to the Summer has been that I have to read two books for English. Normally it wouldn't be a problem but I've been distracted and they're completely dull. I have to read 1984 by George Orwell and some Theban plays. Anyhoo, email back when you get the chance!

- Carrie -

From : Rebecca Grawe
Sent : Saturday, July 26, 2003 6:57 PM
Subject : Re: Senior Schedule


i have:

math in society- Howell

office aid

chemistry 1- Coker

Family Dynamics- Crabtree

second semester:

office aid

Eng 12- Powell

Creat writing 2- dollar

us government - couch and Economics 4th term
it is an interesting secdual to say the least.

WHAT happened?
Its official. I'm a full time stocker. Yes, stocker. I didn't know how that happened either. I spent most of the today organizing an entire section of weekly organizers while trying to 'fill holes' with products from our top stock. Needless to say when I left I had seven kudos (which means my managers think I rock) and a full time position.

I'll be working mostly in the morning from six to three. So, no late nights for me unless I plan on napping during the day which is how its gone for the past few weeks. Still, if you see me online at three in the morning tell me to get off and threaten my life if I don't. Surpringly despite the work I've been doing better this semester then any other.

As for Pat he has also been offered a position as a sushi cook at Edos. He's trying to decide whether or not he really wants to do it though. He says he doesn't know because he wants to try to get into some acting. He's been offered a position in a zombie movie of some sort. Personally, I think its a partial cover for "Jackie will be working full time too which means if we're both working full time its gonna be hard to get together". Also he is concerned that we won't be able to 'meet in the middle' if he really gets into this job while I'm still having to stay in Birmingham. I told him whatever he does he needs to weigh his pros and cons. Also, that we'll be able to work something out. I'm very excited for him though.

Also his mother decided that I COULD call him at ten o'clock on the first ring. Kudos.

So far I'm happy but I'm waiting for the 'just kidding' to show up.


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