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People make me hate
A couple in the news today were found to have killed their eight year old son by beating him to death. In the interview with the babysitter she was telling them how the parents would tell her to hit him anytime he was crying or 'misbehaving'. You should have seen the bastards in the court room. I have never seen so much hate and arrogance on a human being's face. They actually believed that their son deserved it.

I've started on this rant because of all the shit that has been going on. The things that people will do to their children. I swear I would do anything to save the lives of all these kids who suffer at the hands of parents who really believe that its ok to hit their child and honestly believe that their kid is crying to spite them. Kids can be a pain but that never constitutes what bastards you can do to them. We are bigger, and stronger then these kids. They aren't a threat. Parents never stop to think how if they destroy a person's life through death then they do it by causing lasting damages to the mental states of their children. How dare you.

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tis me, Katy!
but to answer your rant..
well, my parents spanked ME when I was a child, but that was because I had honestly done something wrong. Like - left the house on my bike when I was 8 and been gone for half an hour without at least telling them where I was or where I was going. THAT deserved punishment - and my parents told me why they were punishing me. Punishment without explanation doesn't yeild better results. However, after a certain age, spaking no longer works, and so they just turned over to just telling me what I'd done wrong.
That's why I think spanking is okay. So long as its done in _EXTREAM_ moderation.
not beating a child to death. that's WRONG. on sooo many levels!!

anyway. how is you?

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